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Welcome to Horizon Air Conditioning Company

Horizon Air Conditioning Company has been in business for years, proudly serving both residential and commercial customers in the Houston area, particularly Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford, Pearland, and Rosharon. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage. 

As a family-owned business, we are devoted to customer satisfaction! We employ skilled technicians, prepared to handle any job they are hired to accomplish.

 We offer preventative maintenance plans to protect your air conditioning and/or refrigeration system from break downs and keep it running at peak performance.

  • $500/$300 Discount on Replace with new AC system TRANE or LENNOX.
  • $25 Discount on service calls.
  • 10% discount offer banner

Major Reasons to Hire an Air Conditioning Service Provider in Texas

In modern era everyone is investing on home comforts and wants to enjoy the same. Air conditioning system comes first among all the home comfort equipments.  Mostly the problems with air conditioners occur during the summer time. Due to the maximum load put on the machine it starts showing symptoms of its problems. There are many ac repairing service providers who offers various types of ac repairing services and contracts.

Many air conditioning repair service companies like ac repair Pearland tx and ac repair Missouri city tx come up with numerous types of services, i.e. air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, servicing, even many other facilities too. Moreover nowadays air conditioning repair companies like ac repair Sugar Land tx has the internet access, even has their presence in online world, with the help of what they are coming closer to people. The companies incorporate contractors and with the help of them they are continuously providing the service and support to the consumers.

There are many reasons one needs this air conditioning repairing services. First of them all is the cost effectiveness of the air conditioning repairing contractors. You know that your air conditioning system is working fine, but you never know when and how what sort of problem may arise from it. Hence it is advisable to get the system checked by a veteran contractor. There are many contractors like ac repairing Pearland tx who offers various agreements that suits the need of the consumers. Even many of the air conditioning repairing contractors like ac repair southwest Houston tx provides attractive discounts on ac installation, repairing, maintenance and servicing.

You run the air conditioners more than 10 months in a year and at the time of summer days requirement for the air conditioners increases the most and you need the air conditioners working properly all the time, during the year. This being the reason you must employ an air-conditioning contractor who himself shall look after the maintenance and do the necessary repairing and you do not get the stress for the same. There are many contractors in Texas offering service and with the help of online access you can choose the best out of them suiting as per your need and considering the budget.

Post choosing the contractor one may become more ensured by doing the reference checking which a fruitful way to weigh the same. You may collect references from the contractor and have a communication with them and if you are satisfied you can select the contractor. It should be kept in mind that the best service providers of ac repair Sugar Land tx provide 24 X 7 service round the year which means that you are rest assured that whenever you are facing problem with your air conditioner the service provider is ready to assist you and this will surely give you the relief from all the hassles. You just need to contact your service provider and it will be enough. Hence, once you are settled with your chosen service provider you have a detailed discussion on the offered services with its terms and conditions. You need to check thoroughly all the conditions and if you are satisfied with them all you can make an agreement with the service provider. Abovementioned are the major reasons for what you can get into a contract with air conditioning service providers in Texas.

Our Services

Our Services

  • We serve both residential and commercial customers
  • We employ experienced, professional technicians
  • We service all makes and models of HVAC and refrigeration equipment
  • We perform installations and repairs of HVAC systems and commercial refrigerators
  • We work to enhance indoor comfort with the latest in thermostats and control systems


You did work in a timely manner. The rates you charged are reasonable. I am very satisfied with the systems' performance.
  - Joel Arthungal, Residential Customer  



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